Our Story

Who we are

Inspired by the world, we set out to create something uniquely crafted that would serve as a memory of our travels, adventures and experiences.


Our goal was simple:

1. Create an item that could be collected in every country visited

2. The item had to be specific to the place it was sold in

3. And the item must not end up like most souvenirs, in the back of a closet or bottom of a drawer.


And so, Monda Pins was born! A collection of pins that can be found wherever you travel, and even better, can be taken with you wherever you go. And because we enjoy meeting new people and having fun, we're encouraging you to say hello to other Monda Pin collectors - and if you fancy, share pins and share your story!

The journey so far!

After a handful of prototypes and months of designing, we released our first collection of pins, in September 2019. Since then, we’ve sold over 10,000 units of our Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong Collections. We’ve spent a lot of time getting to know and working with our factory partners to achieve the products our customers love. We’re now ready to tackle the world! We are in the process of designing pins for each and every city around the world and we cannot wait to show you!

Everyday we are sharing new stories about the amazing people and places of our world..and we're doing so through pins.

- The Monda Pins Team

Our vision

Our vision is to share the stories of the amazing people and places of our world.


For us, Travel has always been about new experiences and being able to share those experiences with others.


"When I think of travel, I always think back to this picture. This picture represents travel. Every place is different, each person is unique, each culture has their own traditions, their own beliefs, their own ways.. what makes one person happy varies greatly from another. Travel makes you appreciate both people and the world more. We absolutely love hearing other people's stories and how differently people live. This is why we felt is was so important that we build a brand around these stories. "

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