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    New Pin Release for USA

    New Pin Release for USA

    We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new USA pin collection! Pins will be available for purchase starting December 15th, 2021! 

    Each pin has been inspired by major landmarks across the country. You'll be able to find pins in airports and major landmarks across the USA. Use the Monda Pins Mobile App to learn about each new pin and discover where to find them. 

    New releases include:

    - USA Flag

    - American Bald Eagle

    - New York, Statue of Liberty 

    - Colorado Flag

    - Colorado, Black Bear

    - San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge

    - California State Flag

    - Las Vegas, Welcome Sign

    - Las Vegas, Vegas Vickie 

    - Maryland, Crab

    - Maryland, State Flag

    - Washington DC, DC Capitol, Cherry Blossom

    - New Jersey, Jersey Shore

    - New Jersey, Boardwalk

    - California, Sacramento Capitol





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