Pin Collecting will officially launch this weekend in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong Airport.

Monda Pins is bringing Pin Collecting to Airports around the world! 

Collect your favourite travel destinations as you travel the world. Trade pins with fellow travellers to get new one’s! 


How to Get Started?

Pins can be found throughout airports around the world. Use the Pin Finder in the Monda Pins mobile app for an up-to-date list of pins & locations! Once a pin is collected, use your app to scan the pin and watch it light up bright green! You’ve collected your first pin!  


There will be several types of pins for travellers to collect:

Core: Core pins consists of the most famous landmarks around the world and are the first pins released in each country.

Collections: Collections consist of various pins that all relate to one another. Collections can be added to. I.e. Monda Pins animal collection will have new pins added for each new country. 

Series: A series is a set of pins released in a group. Make sure to collect the entire series! 

Limited Edition: Limited edition pins are available in smaller quantities for a limited time only. These pins sell fast and can be very difficult to find later on. 

Special Edition: Special Edition pins are pins released for special occasions or events around the world. 

Retired : Retired pins are those no longer being made. Retired pins will contain a retired sticker on them. 

Here's a sneak peak of the accessories Monda Pins will be launching this year and what you need to know! 
Showcase Frame

    The showcase frame is the perfect accessory to display your pin collection. While still in development, here's a sneak peak of one of our working designs. What we know is that it will come in Authentic Wood and will be filled with cork.   


    Monda Pins plans to release a linen tote. Not only is the tote super cute and practical, it is also the perfect bag for taking your pins with you on your travels and showing them off.

    We also have set plans for a UNESCO Heritage pin series. This collection will be released and new pins will be added as Monda Pins releases pins in new countries.

    Pin Collecting will be officially launched this weekend in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong Airport. Download the App and use the Pin Finder to locate Pins near you!